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Get to Know UD Trucks Dump Truck Classification Based on the Vessel

26 January 2024

mengenal-lebih-dalam-klasifikasi-dump-truck-ud-trucks-berdasarkan-vesselnyaUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Dump truck is a type of heavy equipment often found in the mining and construction sectors. Both of these sectors require dump truck to transport heavy materials which are then moved over short to long distances. Usually, distributors who sell dump trucks offer various types of dump trucks with specifications that can be tailored to your needs.

Types of dump trucks can be classified based on their size and load capacity. Generally, the types of Indonesian dump trucks that we often encounter are divided into two, namely On-Highway Dump Truck and Off-Highway Dump Truck.

On-Highway Dump truck is a type of dump truck whose capacity is not more than 20 cubic meters and consists of a four-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive configuration only.

Meanwhile, Off-Highway Dump Truck is a type of dump truck that has a burly and strong design because it is specialized for heavier work fields. Therefore, this type of dump truck is equipped with a load capacity of more than 20 cubic meters and can even carry loads of up to 15 tons.

Apart from the size and capacity, dump trucks can also be classified based on the type of vessel. Vessel is a container or tub on the dump truck. Its function is to accommodate heavy loads that will be transported by the dump truck. Before recognizing dump trucks based on the type of vessel, let’s learn the overall function of dump trucks first.

Dump Truck Function
Dump truck have important functions and roles for the construction, mining, even plantation and agriculture sectors. Dump truck function as a means of transportation capable of transporting various kinds of heavy-weight materials such as rocks, sand, soil, nickel, tree felling, plantation products, and so on.

The open tub on the dump truck not only functions as a transport container, but with hydraulic assistance, the tub can lower the material that has been transported to the required location.

The tub or vessel found on the dump truck has two different types, namely there are Tipper Vessel and Dump Vessel types. These two types of vessels have significant differences. For further explanation, here is a summary of the types of vessels on dump trucks.

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Vessel Type of Dump Truck
As a container that carries heavy loads, you must be able to choose a dump truck with a vessel that suits your needs. Both Tipper and Dump Vessel have different carrying capacities. Also, the type of material that each vessel can carry is different.

  1. Tipper Vessel
    The Tipper Vessel is a type of dump vessel that is specialized for loading heavy loads in the form of coal. The Tipper Vessel has a strong body design and can reduce the weight of the cargo being transported. Despite its large size, the Tipper Vessel is made from tin cans with wear-resistant plates so that the weight of the vessel body becomes lighter and the operational life is more durable.
    Tipper vessels are suitable for transporting mining products such as coal with a density of 0.9 tons/cubic meter.
  2. Dump Vessel
    Dump Vessel is a type of loading and unloading tub on a dump truck that has a strong body and can withstand loads of up to tens of tons. Designed with arc-welded mild steel plates, the weight of this vessel becomes lighter and has a longer service life.
    Assisted by a telescopic cylinder and a complete scissor stabilizer mechanism, trucks with dump vessels have a more stable balance and more efficient fuel consumption. In addition, dump vessels are also suitable as a transportation tool for overburden weights such as soil, due to their greater density of 1.2-2 tons/cubic meter.

Types of Hydraulic System on Dump Truck
The transport body on a dump truck not only has the ability to accommodate cargo loads, but can also be used to lower the load being transported. To lower the load on the container, the tool used is hydraulic. Generally, there are two types of hydraulic systems used on dump trucks, namely telescopic and underbody.

Telescopic hydraulics or better known as telescopic hydraulic cylinder is a type of tubular hydraulics in which there is a sleeve. In one cylinder the tube consists of two to five sleeves that move lengthwise when operated. This movement will later encourage the vessel to carry out the dumping process.

Meanwhile, the underbody hydraulic system is a hydraulic on the dump truck made of super-strength steel that can reduce the heavy load on the dump truck vessel. Underbody hydraulics also have high pressure and low volume of hydraulics so that the process of lifting the vessel is faster.

You can find these two hydraulic systems in 3 types of Quester Dump Truck from UD Trucks, namely CWE37064R and CGE37064R for telescopic hydraulic type and CWE28064R Hub Reduction for underbody hydraulic type.

UD Trucks’ High Quality Dump Truck
Looking for a dump truck that can be relied on in heavy terrain? UD Trucks has 3 types of the best and quality Off-Highway dump trucks that are ready to help you work on mining projects. Here’s a brief review.

  1. Quester Dump CWE28064R Hub Reduction
    The Quester Dump CWE28064R type from UD Trucks is a dump truck with an engine capacity of 280 HP with a 6X4 wheel configuration supported by a strong body frame and a hub reduction to gain more torque. With such specifications, the Quester Dump CWE28064R has excellent durability during the usage period.
  2. Quester Dump CWE37064R
    Similar to the previous type, Quester Dump CWE37064R Hub Reduction also excels in terms of heavy load transportation. The difference is that this type of dump truck has a higher engine capacity of 370 HP. In addition, Quester Dump CWE37064R can also be applied for tipper dump trucks which makes the operation of this truck practical.
  3. Quester Dump CGE37084R
    UD Trucks also has Quester Dump type CGE37084R which is suitable as a mining machine due to its high durability and large capacity. Besides being strong and tough, this dump truck has also gone through a series of crash tests, so its safety level is unquestionable.

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The three dump trucks above are UD Trucks’ flagship products, because in addition to having specifications suitable for mining and construction project transportation, the Quester Dump series is also equipped with SCR technology and the use of AdBlue which makes these trucks more environmentally friendly. In addition, the fuel efficiency level is also more efficient so that you can optimize expenses on operational costs.

Even more interestingly, this UD Trucks’ dump truck already uses the Euro 5 emission control system. So, you don’t have to worry that this truck will produce dirty carbon emissions, because the engine combustion results with Euro 5 emission control can reduce the impact of environmental pollution.

United Tractors: Distributor of Super-Capacity Eco-Friendly Dump Trucks
Need a mining or construction machine that can reliably transport heavy loads such as mining products and building materials? United Tractors has a series of dump trucks from UD Trucks with complete specifications that can suit your needs.

With high engine capacity, strong body frame and wheel configuration, and economical fuel consumption, you can use Quester Dump Truck from UD Trucks. This dump truck is suitable for use in various sectors and in various types of work fields, even heavy ones.

Let’s fulfil all your heavy equipment needs with United Tractors! Get trusted excellent after-sales service by contacting the UT Contact Center at 1500 072 right now.

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