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3 Fuel-Efficient Dump Truck in Indonesia

20 September 2023

3-dump-truck-di-indonesia-yang-hemat-bahan-bakarUnited Tractors, Jakarta – One of the considerations in the use of large trucks in Indonesia is the cost of fuel and how to control gas emissions discharged by the truck itself to remain environmentally friendly. Dump trucks are one of the heavy equipment truck groups that are often used in various sectors. Just like choosing any other truck, in the decision to buy a dump truck, you need to pay attention to fuel consumption.

There are many advantages that you will get if you can have a fuel-efficient dump truck. Apart from saving on operational costs, dump trucks with low fuel consumption also tend to be environmentally friendly. The lack of combustion in a dump truck will also minimize environmental pollution.

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In Indonesia alone, there are only a handful of dump trucks that have fuel saving systems. In this discussion, we will thoroughly explore 3 fuel-efficient dump trucks in Indonesia from United Tractors that can minimize the impact of environmental pollution.

What is a Dump Truck?
Dump truck is a type of heavy equipment that has a function as a heavy material transporter. A dump truck consists of a cabin with a tub behind it that can be used to place any material. As a loading and unloading tool, dump trucks are capable of transporting loads with a capacity of up to tons.

Loading materials onto a dump truck is usually assisted by other heavy equipment such as excavators or cranes. In the construction sector, dump trucks are usually used to lift residues from building demolition, rocks, sand, wood, and other construction materials.

Dump trucks are not only useful in the construction sector, but in the mining sector, dump trucks also have an important role. Just like its function in development projects, in mining, dump trucks are also capable of transporting large amounts of heavy materials. The materials transported are usually coal, copper ore, gold, silver, bauxite, and other mining products.

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Functions and Benefits of Dump Truck
Broadly speaking, a dump truck is used as a material transportation tool in any form with a maximum capacity that is adjusted to the dump truck itself. The components in the dump truck allow this heavy equipment to perform its functions properly. The following are the functions and benefits of dump trucks.

As a Transportation Equipment
As mentioned earlier, the most important function of a dump truck is as a means of transporting heavy and large-sized materials. The presence of dump trucks in the construction, mining, and forestry sectors has an important role as a transportation tool that can increase work efficiency.

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Heavy loads that exist in a large project such as construction are impossible to be transported one by one manually by human resources. In addition to human labor that is not possible to lift heavy loads, if they have to be transported one by one it will take a long time.

This is where we can feel the importance of the role of a dump truck unit. Dump trucks are able to transport heavy materials easily, quickly, and safely with the help of an expert driver.

As a Heavy Material Transportation Tool
Furthermore, dump trucks are not only able to accommodate heavy loads, but can also be used to move large materials from one place to another. That way, the dump truck acts as a heavy load transportation tool. In operation, the material that has been accommodated by a dump truck is transported to the destination location.

After that, when it reaches the destination, the materials are unloaded using hydraulics. The hydraulic system for dump trucks can usually be used from various directions such as from the side or from the front to the top.

Fuel-efficient Dump trucks in Indonesia
Before buying a dump truck, you need to make sure that the dump truck you want to buy can make a good contribution to your project. There are several things you need to consider when you want to buy a dump truck such as how the physical and engine toughness and how the fuel emission control on the truck works in order to reduce pollution.

United Tractors has a flagship dump truck from UD Trucks whose fuel efficiency level is guaranteed. In addition, the load carrying capacity and engine power also vary, making it easier for you to choose the dump truck that suits your needs. Here is a summary of UD Trucks’ dump trucks that you can use as a reference.

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  1. UD Trucks Quester Dump CGE37084R
    Classified as a heavy duty truck, the CGE37084R type has a strong endurance to travel long distances because it is equipped with an 8×4 wheel configuration with 370 HP engine power. This truck is capable of saving fuel consumption and long operating life. With an optimized fuel saving system, this truck certainly benefits the owner as it can reduce operational costs.
    The CGE37084R dump truck is also equipped with Euro 5 emission standard. As a heavy equipment distributor that supports ESG, we can ensure that this truck is environmentally friendly, because the emission system already uses Euro 5.
    Get the brochure of UD Trucks Quester Dump CGE37084R
  2. UD Trucks Quester Dump CWE37064R
    The CWE37064R is a heavy duty dump truck with 6×4 wheel configuration and 370 HP engine capacity. This dump truck is suitable to be applied to tipper dump truck. Similar to European trucks in general that have used Euro 4 to 5, the fuel efficiency of this truck is also high, because it has a fuel saving system.
    Get the brochure of UD Trucks Quester Dump CWE37064R
  3. Quester Dump CWE28064R
    Looking for a reliable dump truck for the off-road sector? This type is for you! With excellent durability and high durability, this dump truck can operate in extreme terrains. In addition, the Quester Dump CWE28064R also has a 6×4 wheel configuration with 280 H engine power that can last for a long time during the usage process.
    You don’t need to question whether or not the fuel consumption on this truck is efficient. Quester Dump CWE28064R clearly has a high level of fuel efficiency and operating life. So, the work results provided by this truck can always be relied upon.
    Get the brochure of Quester Dump CWE28064R

All Euro 5 Emission Standard Trucks
Speaking of environmentally friendly heavy equipment, the number is still very minimal in Indonesia. As a well-known heavy equipment distributor that is consistent in implementing ESG, especially in the environmental aspect, United Tractors presents Euro 5 dump trucks that have been proven by the ASRRAT award in 2022.

Euro 5 is an emission standard found in motor vehicles including cars, buses, and trucks. In Indonesia itself, the emission standard for motor vehicle exhaust gas is Euro 4, because Euro 4 is an environmentally friendly emission standard whose level is below the limit of pollutants regulated in the Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation Number P.20/MENLHK/SETJEN/KUM.1/3/2017.

Quester Dump truck from UD Trucks already has Euro 5 emission control, so it can be said that Quester Dump has reached the emission standardization limit in Indonesia.

United Tractors: Distributor of Efficient Euro 5 Dump trucks
Looking for environmentally friendly heavy equipment is not easy, due to the limited number of heavy equipment that uses the Euro 5 emission system. It’s a different story if you look for dump trucks at United Tractors, because you can definitely find them easily. Not only dump trucks that use Euro 5 emission standards, but European trucks in United Tractors have also applied Euro 4 emission control.

Apart from being environmentally friendly, trucks with Euro 4 to Euro 5 emission standards are also fuel-efficient. So, your operational budget is maintained and not swollen. Contact United Tractors after-sales service now at 1500 072 to get your dream eco-friendly truck.

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