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4 Types of Heavy Equipment for Excavating Soil

06 May 2024

alat-berat-untuk-penggalian-tanahUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Heavy construction and mining equipment are series of giant machines specially designed to easy the heavy-duty task on projects, such as earthwork or excavation. In the mining and construction industries, heavy equipment for excavation is always needed.

The presence of heavy equipment allows task that cannot be completed solely with human resources to process more smoothly and on time. The use of heavy equipment in the construction and mining sectors can be classified based on their functions. For excavation soil, there are 4 types of heavy equipment commonly used: excavators, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, and dump trucks.

These four type of equipment complement each other in performing task related to soil. Whether digging, dredging, or transporting soil, these four pieces of equipment are very reliable to use. To get to know more about heavy equipment operated specifically for soil work processes, here is a complete review.

4 Types of Heavy Equipment Used for Soil Work
Heavy equipment used in an industry, whether it’s construction or mining, needs to be utilized efficiently. Operators need to understand the function of each piece of heavy equipment to make work easier and increase work productivity in the field.

If there is a lot of excavation to be done on a project, then the heavy equipment used must have the main function of soil excavators. Besides soil excavation equipment, other supporting heavy equipment, such as those for soil transportation, also needs to be present to ensure optimal work performance. Here are 4 examples of heavy equipment for soil excavation that you need to know.

  1. Excavator

Excavator is one of the construction and mining heavy equipment types primarily used for excavation activities. In addition to digging, excavators can also be used to load excavated soil into transport trucks or move it from one point to another.

Moreover, excavators are often used for dredge rivers, lift heavy materials, and so on.

Excavators come with strong crawlers or tracks. Thus, an excavator unit can also function as a soil compactor. Its various functions make excavators not only beneficial in the construction and mining industries but also reliable in the forestry and agricultural sectors.

Excavators are available in various capacities and sizes. You don’t need to be worry about finding the right excavator to increase work productivity on your projects because you can find an excavator that suits your needs at United Tractors.

UT provides various types of Komatsu hydraulic excavators with diverse capacities and sizes. From small to large one, you can get them all only at United Tractors.

  1. Backhoe Loade

This heavy equipment has function similar to an excavator. However,  a backhoe loader has dual functions, making its efficiency level higher. A backhoe loader is a heavy equipment that has a loader at the front for material transport.

Meanwhile, at the back, there is a backhoe attachment used for soil excavation, material loading, and transportation.

With two attachments in one heavy equipment unit, project completion process becomes faster and more efficient. Despite having two attachments, backhoe loader still have  compact sizes, allowing them to maneuver in narrow and hard-to-reach places.

Looking for a quality backhoe loader with maximum capacity? United Tractors has the answer. You can get the Komatsu backhoe loader type WB93R-5, which already features Side Shift design on the backhoe. With this feature, the backhoe’s working range becomes wider, while work productivity level remains high.

  1. Bulldozer

Bulldozer is a supporting heavy equipment for soil excavation work. Its function is to push, pull, spread, and loosen excavation results and other materials. In the construction sector, bulldozers are heavy equipment for road construction and land-clearing projects. Besides the construction sector, bulldozers are also reliable in the  mining, forestry, and agricultural sectors.

Bulldozers come in different types. Similar to other heavy equipment, different bulldozer variants will have different functions as well. For example, the Super Swamp Bulldozer D21PL-8 from Komatsu is a farming bulldozer with low soil compaction, making it suitable for use in rice fields with soft soil surfaces.

Meanwhile, the Komatsu bulldozer type D39EX-22 is a crawler dozer with a power angle tilt blade type. With more advanced blade type and stronger tracks, this bulldozer type is suitable for road construction projects with harder soil surfaces.

If you need both types of bulldozers mentioned above, you can directly visit the nearest United Tractors branch office. There, you will be assist by the UT team in finding bulldozer that fit your budget and needs.

  1. Dump Truck/Heavy Duty Truck

Lastly, there are supporting equipment for soil processing activities, namely  dump trucks or heavy-duty truck. After the excavation is complete, you’ll need a container to accommodate the excavated material. These materials, whether mining products, soil, rocks, or building debris, can be stored in dump trucks.

Dump trucks not only serve as containers, but also allowed heavy material to be transported from one area to another. It come in various capacities, from 25 to 100 tons.

Dump trucks must have a strong durability because their main task is to transport soil, sand, and mining products in extreme terrain.

High quality dump trucks with a high durability levels can be found at United Tractors. UT is the sole distributor of the renowned UD Trucks dump trucks in Indonesia. Heavy-duty trucks from UD Trucks available at UT, have capacities of up to 40 tons for the CGE37084R type, making them suitable for the mining sector.

In other variants, UD Trucks also offers dump truck like the CWE37064R and CWE28064R which have strong engine power and durability. These three Quester Dump variants are also fuel-efficient as they already use the Euro 5 emission control systems.

Soil processing in a project can be done easily as long as you know which heavy equipment is suitable for application. Excavators, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, and dump trucks are a series of heavy equipment that can facilitate soil work. Whether as road compaction equipment, material transporters, or transportation equipment for heavy materials, all four types of heavy equipment mentioned above can perform their functions well.

It’s worth nothing that each heavy equipment has a different function. Therefore, when you decide to use one of these equipment, make sure you understand their function well.

United Tractors: Distributor of Heavy Equipment for Soil Excavation
Soil processing task are not jobs that can be done solely with human resources, but heavy equipment also plays an important role in the process. To get high-quality heavy equipment specifically for soil excavation, United Tractors has the solution.

You can get excavators, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, and dump trucks from the top manufacturers at United Tractors. UT provides heavy equipment and trucks to facilitate soil work and other heavy-duty task in your business sector.

Whether it’s the construction, mining, forestry, agriculture, or even transportation sectors, all units can be found at United Tractors. Contact UT at 1500 072 now and get excellent after-sales service for every product you purchase.

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